Solving People Performance Problems in the Workplace

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The foundation of every organization is people.  A person or persons had a vision of it and created it, many people run it and work in it, and those and other people benefit from its success.  Every organization is also a system.  We might think of systems as something scientific: weather systems, computer systems, circulatory systems.  Organizations, however, are also systems, systems comprised of people, their relationships, the processes that unite (or divide) them, and more.

We often do not look at our organizations as systems, however.  We may look at them from the perspective from which we manage or in which we work; that view may miss seeing many components in the system and how they interact.  Even a company’s leaders often see only small snippets or know only part of it, rather than seeing the whole.  For example, if you are the CIO, how much do you know about operations? You’re not expected to and you have your own domain to cover, which takes up far too much of your time as is.

Clarity Performance Alliance looks at your organization as a system, including the outside world and regulations that shape it, the internal and external shareholders who benefit from it, the customers who support it, and the work and workers who produce for it.  We provide a perspective that is missing in most organizations.  Looking at an organization from this perspective is called Human Performance Technology.  

This unique perspective helps us solve or avoid problems and take advantage of unrealized opportunities.  Our goal is to identify solutions that resolve, eliminate, or reduce barriers to high performance.  If the people within your company cannot provide their best performance, your company cannot provide its best performance.

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Solving People Performance Problems in the Workplace