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Getting the Most From Your Portfolio Companies

In the recent past, businesses were bought and sold with dizzying speed and with dizzying profits.  Recently, investors have become more careful regarding the companies they invest in and are paying more attention to how the company is operating during the investment’s tenure–typically three to five years.

If you manage a mid-sized Private Equity Fund, Pledge Fund, or are a Fundless Sponsor, then most likely you have experienced a dramatic change in the acquisition and management of companies in your portfolio in recent years.  The current economic climate has made it far more difficult to find companies that are undervalued.  Indeed, the market has become so efficient that it is no longer possible to find and buy undervalued companies and quickly flip them for a fast profit and substantial returns for your investors.

Are you certain that the companies you are purchasing are going to perform as you think based on only your financial and legal due diligence?  And, once they are in your portfolio, how do you know they are going to continue to perform as needed to increase in value to enhance your investment?

Prior to purchase and then every year you likely have financial analysis performed.  But, performing financial analysis without organizational analysis is like going for your annual physical and having your doctor look you over and send you on your way without running any tests.  We believe that financial analysis is a lagging indicator while our organizational performance analysis is a leading indicator.  It will tell you what is going to happen if key issues are not addressed or taken advantage of.

Whether you are a director on the board, a majority stock holder, take a hands-on or completely hands-off approach to your portfolio companies, we can collaborate with you and the management teams of your companies to find a way to work together that is comfortable for everyone

Clarity Performance Alliance’s Clarity Performance Audit™ can identify hidden opportunities and problems.  We will work with you to optimize your business’s performance, ensuring that you get the return on investment that you and your investors are expecting.

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Solving People Performance Problems in the Workplace